How to jam

Every known marmalade as a delicacy for bread with butter, for candy or for filling in fruit dumplings.

Marmalade is often defined as a sweet semi-liquid mixture of fruit that is produced by cooking and fermenting fruit juices while serving as a food supplement. Czech marmalades are made from fruits such as strawberries, apples, cherries, apricots, but sold under a different name as a fruit mix, fruit spread, fruit jelly etc. Marmalade is referred to as a citrus fruit product.

The word marmalade comes from Portuguese, and it is made of quince jam. This mixture was known by the ancient Romans and in modern Britain, when the British began to add citrus fruit to the jam.

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We only use healthy fruit for the sowing, so it is necessary to sort out the bloody fruit. We can use both fruits and fallen, but must be cleaned and processed immediately. If you do not like using cooking chemicals, you can use pectin, which contains lemon juice. Take the cake and put it in a cloth bag, wrap it with a bandage and add it to the fruit that we will cook. We also add sugar, lemon juice and citric acid. Once cooked, simply throw the bag out.

Tips for marmalades

To find out the correct stiffness of the marmalade, take a small saucer, spread the hot marmalade on it and let it cool down in the freezer. So we’ll find out if the marmalade has gotten us right.
If marmalade is too fed, put a piece of butter into it that completely removes the foam.
Before the pot, we have to cook the glasses and lids, then the jam will remain fresh for a long time.
After filling the jars with hot marmalade, close them with a lid and turn upside down to find out if the lid is sitting properly.
Marmalades are stored in the dark and cold, and the jars always in the refrigerator.