How to do a home welding

Pre-Christmas markets or various festivities are an opportunity to warm up at the booth with a welded wine. Sometimes, however, you may come across a dishonesty who uses the smallest wine and sips more sugar than he is. If you want to enjoy a great snack, try to prepare it at home.

Each of us has a proven recipe, but you can not do anything by proceeding by adding sugar to the kastról and preparing a light caramel on a mild fire. Then pour it for about 1 dcl of water, stir and add spices. All boil and add wine after cooling. Reheat everything again until the white foam is formed on the wine. This is the moment you take the flame and the hot weld on the jar in the jars.

What wine

Not suitable is box wine, but also expensive archive wine. The first one will probably not taste you, and the other will be degraded by welding, which is a shame because of the high price. So choose the golden middle way and choose the red wine that tastes for you. You can still improve your taste with appropriate spices or non-traditional ingredients.

How to Weld the Weld

The favorite spice is cinnamon and cinnamon as a whole. But save the cloves, because its distinctive taste could overwhelm the typical taste of the wine. For 1 liter of wine, 4 headers are sufficient. After boiling, add two slices of lemon. You can still try the crumbs of apples, roasted almonds or walnuts.

Which are the non-traditional ingredients?

For example, it can be a star-shaped star anise or a cardamon bean. You can buy pre-mixed or soluble mixtures in stores. But you do not have to taste everybody. You can best enjoy the weld when you use your own ingredients and you will drink it immediately after cooking.