Christmas spices – not only comfort, but also cure

Christmas brides are inherently baking and spice aromas.

Not everyone, however, knows that these fragrant parts of exotic plants used as flavors can also heal. They can help with cold or irritation of the stomach.

Spices and medicine

Cinnamon – spice is obtained from the inner bark of young shoots. There is either a piece of bark or pieces of bark available in stores. In the past, it was even used in cult rituals. In alternative medicine, it is associated with aphrodisiac effects, especially in combination with vanilla and ginseng. Christmas candy without cinnamon would not even be possible. We do not go without it when baking the blade or making a sutcher. It has antibacterial properties, increases blood circulation, relieves tension and nervousness and helps with saliva and flu.

Anise – with its sweet taste and irreplaceable aroma, it is part of gingerbread, honey cakes, or cake creams. If you add it to sunflower or almond oil, you will create a great spicy salad oil. Anise promotes coughing and helps remove stomach upsets and flatulence. The best varieties are grown in Spain and Italy.

Badyan – a bittersweet spice that reminds us of the taste of the hashish. They are actually brownish stars with seeds forming the fruits of a evergreen magnolia tree. It supports digestion, calms the digestive tract and accelerates metabolism. We can also use it for loss of appetite, for coughing or as a sedative. Orientalists attribute to him euphoric effects.

Cloves – one of the oldest spices in the world. They are actually the dried buds of a very tall tree. You can not imagine gingerbread, labor, punch, mulled wine or fruit compotes. However, few know it is one of the most effective natural antibiotics – it clears up viruses, bacteria and molds. It finds use in flu, stomach and intestinal problems, releases nerve and muscle tension. Currently, it is cultivated extensively in Madagascar.

Vanilla – the most sweet spice of all sweet. When cooked with food, only a small piece of pod is enough to be taken off before serving. Dough is cut lengthwise into the dough and the pulp is pulled out. Sugar beans are so-called vanilla sugar. Pleasant smells not only in rolls. In alternative medicine, it is used for nerve disorders (relieves nervousness, anxiety and tension) or for improving digestion. Her home is Mexico.