Teff – grain without gluten

There is an increasing number of people who have trouble with gluten. Flour is being produced from a number of lesser-known crops. These include teff.

What is actually teff?

Teff is a crop grown predominantly in the Netherlands but found in Africa. Its appearance resembles quinine and amarant and like these crops, teff does not contain gluten.

It is a crop that offers us a whole range of valuable ingredients. These include proteins, high iron and calcium, fiber, and vitamin B1, also known as thiamine.

Healing effects

Due to the large amount of iron, it has a positive effect on the occurrence of anemia and calcium helps fight osteoporosis. The fiber will support our digestion and intestinal microflora. Do not forget about antioxidant properties. Seeds of teffa positively affect atherosclerosis, higher cholesterol or high blood pressure. Due to their high nutritional value, they are ideal for reducing diets.

Use and preparation

We offer not only teff flakes, but also flour. The seeds themselves can be consumed in a raw state or cooked. If you want their nutritional value to be even higher, you can let them twist.

Seeds can be cooked like rice and can be used in soups to prepare a slurry, risotto or salad, can be combined with buckwheat, dill or amaranth.

Teff mash

In the water, we tear the teflon granules (1 cup of grains: 3 cups of water) onto the slurry. For flavoring, a small amount of vegetable butter or coconut fat can be added. For flavoring, we use the syrup and coconut. However, the variation is for you and your taste.