No salt is salt

Salt has an irreplaceable role in human nutrition.

Edible salt serves not only to flavor dishes, but is also a source of sodium (it is needed for good transmission of nerve impulses, muscle activity, regulates blood pressure and helps maintain balance of body fluids inside cells and in intercellular spaces) and chloride ions needed for the human organism.

Types of salt

The kitchen salt is chemically treated and not only is free of all the beneficial substances, but also stabilizers are added to keep it loose and prevent moisture. The body then has to expend a lot of energy and cellular fluids to neutralize the devastating effects, if they can not cope with it, there are health problems (rheumatism, cellulitis, high blood pressure, kidney and urinary stones, gout).

Sea salt is somewhat more suitable, but unfortunately more and more lakes and oceans are contaminated, so it is necessary to clean it chemically and thereby degrade.

Himalayan (rose) salt is available in the market in several forms – bathing, meals or in the form of salt lamps or salt caves. Helps reduce blood pressure, prevent thyroid disease, strengthens metabolism.

Herbal salt

There is a fairly wide offer in stores, but why not make your own salt. Try a mixture that will take you to fragrant Italy – sage and rosemary or sunny France – oregano, thyme and lavender. Spicy ingredients are also garlic or chilli peppers.

How to do it

The ideal ratio is herbs and salt 4: 1 (not weight). Herbs are rather fresh.
Prepare a larger breadboard, put the herbs together with the salt, and then chop together a large knife.
Another option is to produce a mortar mix.
Put the prepared mixture on a sheet of baking paper and let it dry. It is good to stir the mixture occasionally.
We store the completely dry mixture in a sealed container.
We use salt instead of coarse-grained (fine to wet with herbs) pure salt, without any other ingredients.

Why do you make salt at home?

A large amount of herbs, especially at harvest time, will be transformed into a more storable volume.

Thanks to our production, the herbs will make the whole household for several days.

Thanks to this method, the herbs will retain freshness, color and aroma for a long time.