Moravian cakes

You can buy classic Moravian cakes today in every bakery. These are larger cakes filled with curd cheese, jelly, jam, poppy or walnut filling. Their price in stores is rising, but you can prepare them at home. In particular, children can get away with these cakes.


egg yolk
100 g of butter
30 g of yeast
2 egg yolks
80 g of semolina sugar
500 g of flour flour
250 ml of milk
vanilla extract or vanilla sugar
pinch of salt
lemon peel

How to do it?

First prepare the quince. Take a cup to which you add 0.5 dl lukewarm milk, about a teaspoon of sugar and crumbly yeast.

Prepare a bigger bowl, squeezed with flour, add a pinch of salt, lemon peel, sugar, vanilla extract or vanilla sugar, quince and warmed milk. Do not forget even the yolks you mix with liquid butter, be careful that the butter is not too hot and the egg has not hit you. That’s how we make the whole dough carefully.

Make a smooth dough, which is then stored in the heat and allowed to rise. The rearing time is based on the temperature at the given location, the type of flour, whether the sun is lit.

When the dough is properly drilled, transfer it to the work area. Preheat the plates in the oven and let it warm to 170 degrees Celsius. Shape the cakes to lay on the preheated plates and allow them to rise for a moment. Then wipe with egg yolk and add a filling according to your preferences with a confectionary bag. You can use the recipe from the previous article on poppy poppy.

Bake the cake until the edges are beautifully golden. After baking, let them cool slowly and enjoy them with hot tea or cocoa. We wish good taste!