Anatomy of healthy sandwich: How to prepare it and what to avoid?

How to make a perfectly healthy and nutritious sandwich? Let’s look at his anatomy in detail. If you want to prepare a healthy sandwich, you need to remember two things – healthy fats and calories. Often, we prepare sandwiches with a high sodium content and we forget that it is very dangerous and should be avoided.

See tips on how to prepare a healthy sandwich


The bread you choose must not contain more than 80 calories per piece. Some species that we consider healthy include 100 calories in one slicer. Try, for example, tortilla or tortilla made from corn. It contains only 45 calories and a large amount of fiber.


Healthy meat variants include chicken or turkey meat. You can also replace it with grilled vegetables such as eggplant or zucchini, which you can marinate overnight in balsamic vinegar.

Add more vegetables

Cheese contains a lot of sodium, so use more vegetables – rucola, carrots or tomatoes. These species contain only a small amount of sodium.


Mayonnaise is very unhealthy. It contains a large number of calories (200-400). Instead, try to spread avocados, which is not only healthy but also delicious.


If you want to use spices for spice, always use a spice mill to help relieve essential oils that are extremely healthy and calorie-free.