Inspiration in the form of 3 spring spreads

In the spring, you have the unique opportunity to collect young leaflets of herbs and plants and enjoy them at your dishes. From spring crops, you can prepare interesting dishes, such as healthy spreads, which will become a tasty snack. Be inspired by today’s article and three recipes for spring spreads.

Radish dressing

In the spring, one of the first crops is radish. Whether you grow them in your garden or buy them in a supermarket, you can prepare them for a tasty salad or spreads.

4 eggs
1 onion
300 g of radish
1 pack of bow
4 tablespoons of yoghurt
Start by cooking the eggs hard. Then wash the radishes, grate them roughly and squeeze out excess water. Pull the boiled egg and grate to the radish. Then add lucius, yoghurt and finely chopped onion and parsley. Dessert according to taste and lightly pepper. Mix everything and serve with pastry.

Chive spread

There is nothing easier than preparing chives spread. It is great for breakfast but also as a healthy snack.

lucian or soft curd
salt and pepper
Preparation of chive spread is incredibly simple. Wash the chives and chop it thoroughly. Add a soft curd or meadow. It’s up to you how much you love chives in the spreads. Finally, sow and pepper.

Carrot spreads

The first spring carrots taste perfectly, they have a deliciously sweet taste. Prepare for them salad, bake them with olive oil or taste a tasty spread.

3 mkrve
180 g of jelly
1 onion
4 tablespoons of white yoghurt
First prepare carrots. Peel and grate it. If you like raspberry, you can also add it. Then peeled the red, finely chopped onion and white yoghurt. Thoroughly mix and season a little to taste. It is also because of her sweetness to love this baby.