You’ve already tasted couscous

Most of you have heard about this food, some of them may have tried it. But do you know what it is made of?

These fine-grained balls are pasta made from semolina (a type of hard white wheat). They are delivered in an industrially produced instant variant, which does not affect their taste or nutrition at all. Manufacturing is very demanding. The whole grain couscous, which has a variety of nutrients, is more suitable.

Influence on the body

Couscous contains a lot of carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, vitamins (B, E), calcium, iron and phosphorus. We can put it among dietary foods because it contains only a small amount of fat.


Can be prepared in both salty and sweet. It can be consumed both warm and cold. It can be used for breakfast, snacks, main courses and even for desserts. In a salty variety, it often serves as a supplement that we can replace rice or other types of pasta. It can form the basis for different kinds of salads, which can be served as a light starter or as a healthy and dietary lunch.

Types: Couscous with red beet and baby spinach, vegetable salad of tricolor, which can be supplemented by chicken. Couscous with smoked mackerel or roasted salmon is a delicacy. As a breakfast dish, it can be in a sweet variety with fruit.

Is it salty or sweet?

Apple couscous with nuts

2 cups of couscous, pour twice with apple juice, cover and let the juice sink
We mix:

50 grams of chopped prunes
50 grams of chopped dried apples
¼ teaspoon of ground cardamom
a handful of fried and chopped nuts
3 tablespoons of maple syrup (can be honey)
Couscous with tomatoes and goat cheese

Take 3 cups of couscous with a double quantity of vegetable broth, let it sink.
10 cherry tomatoes chopped
sliced ​​basil
soft goat cheese
a little olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
The mixture can also be lightly baked in the oven.

Aubergine stuffed with couscous

2 spiced aubergines, weeded, diced, diced and diced with lemon.
Fry the onion with a little garlic, add a fleshy pulp and bake it all (it can be a bit of bacon or mushroom).
Prepare the couscous according to the instructions and mix with the mixture in the pan.
Fill aubergines and roast in the oven for about 40 minutes.
Couscous is a very grateful meal that should not be missed in your diet, whether you are trying to eat healthy or not. If you have not tasted the couscous yet, try it.