Prepare delicious chicken

Chicken is a very popular raw material in our kitchen. Compared to other types of meat, it offers great dietary properties, lower energy value and low fat and cholesterol levels. We find proteins that contain essential fatty amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

How to prepare chicken meat

Ideally, if the meat is prepared with the skin. Below it is the fat that gives the food a taste and the meat is juicy and does not dry out.

Herb butter

Chicken fits perfectly with herbs and butter. You can use fresh thyme, rosemary or sage, gently chop and mix with a slightly softened butter. Stir the resulting mixture under the skin. An apple or a lemon that fills the chicken,

Smoked peppers

Prepare a mixture that you will need smoked pepper, ground caraway, salt, ground pepper, olive oil, lemon juice and sage. Then brush the chicken and let it bake.

Lemon and herbs

Place a few chopped garlic cloves, two lemons, a few rosemary, basil, and oregano chicken. Swab the outside, pepper and rub some olive oil.


If you want to have a spicy and fragrant meat, mix white wine, olive oil, pressed garlic, salt and dijon mustard. If you add a little soy sauce and Provencal spice, it will make it even more spicy.

Wine, honey and mandarin

Prepare a blend of white wine, olive oil, honey, and mandarin juice to wipe the chicken. Place a few cloves of garlic, two slices of tangerine and a few rosemary twigs inside the chicken.

Fragrant butter

Mix the coriander, mint, garlic clove, a piece of fresh ginger and juice from one lime. Add a soft butter, a little black pepper and salt to the mixture. Apply the resulting mixture to the chicken.