How on the langos

Langos are a Hungarian specialty that you can especially enjoy at Balaton’s tasting at every step. You do not have to wait for the summer, because you can prepare your langoos yourself at home.

As is the case in the culinary industry, the langoes are done in different ways. The base is always a dough and a large amount of oil in which the lingo fries. It certainly does not have much to do with healthy nutrition, but every once in a while everyone can sin.

Langos without eggs

If you want to climb like a stand, prepare 42 g of yeast, half a teaspoon of sugar and half a teaspoon of salt, 400 ml of milk and 500 g of flour. Pour the yeast into a slightly lukewarm milk with sugar and let them run out. Then make a smooth dough together with the flour, the rest of the milk and salt and let it warm for half an hour in a warm place. After the hoof, make the boil out of the dough on the rolled roll, which then stretches into a thin plate. Immediately place the plate in hot oil and rub it on both sides for about half a second. You can serve lobster with pressed garlic, cheese and ketchup or just that.

Langos with eggs

The dough is prepared in a similar way to the eggs without the eggs, except that the doses of ingredients are slightly smaller. The procedure is the same, add one raw egg to the dough prepared. The result is no less delicious and you can enjoy the lobos with what you like.

Other ways to prepare

Someone can taste langos with sour cream to add to dough, or lobster of potato dough with onions. This can not only be a delicacy, but also a main course of lunch or dinner.

Whatever your taste you can prepare any langos, it’s all right to wish for a good taste!