Enjoy the eggs in different ways

Perhaps once in the woods you can saute the wild duck or under the ash of the veal with the stuffing of the spring herbs, but you can also get home that you will have to tie an apron, take a spoon in your hand. Today we cook eggs in different ways.

Accept these freshest recipes:

Immerse them in the water and as soon as the water starts to bubble, it is cooked to soft, white coat, stiff and the yolk remains liquid. If you put it in the boiling water, it will be soft for three minutes. You measure a minute without your watch if you count slowly to sixty.

Put the fresh egg in the hot water and cook for four to four and a half minutes. Then squeeze it a little and immerse it for ten seconds in the cold water to better peel off. Do not cool too much. Peel the end of the inverted coffee spoon.

Boil ten to twelve minutes. Cool them, “peel off and cut into squares, the cold is tastier.

Grab the cheese into the cup and scatter a little. Then pour them into a saucepan or pan into hot fat, season and slowly thicken while stirring. The best fat is butter or chopped bacon and bacon. For small children, put several spoonfuls of milk in place of fat. It benefits a little chopped chives.