Banana pancakes or breakfast for everyone

Everyone sometimes has a day when they can not make a good breakfast. Another day comes when he has plenty of time to enjoy a great breakfast. This recipe is good that you do not need a lot of time, a lot of ingredients, or be a chef.

Everybody can handle this recipe and you do not need much more.

What do you need?

1 banana
2 eggs
or sugar and fruit for decoration

And how to proceed?

Take the bowl and 2 eggs in it.
Add the chopped banana to the dish and mix / mix with the eggs.
Drip a drop of oil on the pan (if you have a good pan, you do not have to) and pour the mixture on the pan as if you were making pancakes. When it is possible to move the plate and make it browned, rotate and fry from the other side.
Either you can end up with the 3rd point and serve this way or you can serve with other fruit sprinkled with sugar.